AC-DC Custom Design Power Supply and Power System
The AC-DC power supply and power system are designed for a wide range of industrial & High Reiiability applications and compliant with High Reiiability standard 150A- 2009, 151. Dr.Power provides custom design for different requirement. The power supply mainly consists of regulation circuit EMI filter circuit,inrush limit circuit, DC-DC converter, output filter and controlling circuit.
Application:  Harsh environment
Special Features:
1Input voltage range: AC115V+20% 400Hz. AC220V+20% 50Hz. AC220V(85V-264V) 50Hz etc,provide multiple input solutions
2. Output voltage: provide custom design products
3Output current: provide custom design products
4Output control TTL level, and failure alarm, voltage monitoring, redundancy, current share
5. High efficiency up to 92%
6Input under voltage protection, output over current/short protection and over temperature protection
7High relibilit, high performance on EMI