Isolated DC-DC Power Converters

Special features

● Multiple Package Size options:

Full brick,1/2 brick,1/4 brick,1/8 brick,1/16 brick,1/32 brick,Micro Power,Non Standard
● Multiple Heatsink options:
Open-frame,Baseplate,Encapsulated,Flanged baseplate,Threaded Flanged Baseplate,Pentagon Plastic Package,Encapsulated with Fixed Pin
● High efficiency and high power density
● No minimum load required,outstandingperformance on large output capacitance.
● Input under-voltage Lockout, output over-voltageprotection, output over-current/short-circuitprotection and over temperature protection
● Fixed frequency switching around 180-350kHzprovides predictable EMI. Filters or EMIapplication circuit (compatible with Dr.Power converters) are provided to comply with High reliability EMI requirements
● Rugged design for harsh environments
● Designed to meet High reliability standards
Application:  Harsh environment