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Dr. Power announces the release of non-isolated buck/boost brick converter modules.

The products range from the traditional package half-brick (HNS60 series), quarter-brick (QNS60 series) to sixteenth-brick (SNS48 series). 
Half-brick (HNS60 series), quarter-brick (QNS60 series) converter module’s Input voltages range from 9 – 60VDC, output voltages programmable from 0 – 60VDC. Sixteenth-brick’s (SNS48 series) input voltages range from 18– 53VDC, output voltages adjustable from 12 –15VDC. The all 3 series are designed with full protection features against under input voltage, output over current, output short and over-temperature, with the ultra-high conversion efficiency of 96.0%. The output powers are up to 2400W for half-brick (HNS60 series), 1500W for quarter-brick (QNS60 series) and 312W for sixteenth-brick (SNS48 series).  The all 3 series have optional active current share feature to allow parallel operation of multiple converters.
The products are available to meet military electrical standard. The superior thermal performance, extremely high reliability design ensures the products to meet special high requirements for small size, low weight, high power density and harsh environment. 

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